The image features a group of eight Synergy Solution Group members standing in front of a large red service van. The van advertises various services such as heating & air, refrigeration, temperature controls, and custom metal fabrication. The Synergy Solution Group logo is displayed in the lower right corner. The group, consisting of both men and women, is smiling and dressed in business casual attire. They appear to be at an outdoor parking lot on a sunny day, indicating a professional visit or meeting at this location.
Synergy is thrilled to highlight a recent visit to one of our newest members, R.W. LaPine. This gathering is the perfect example of the collaborative spirit that is at the heart of Synergy.

Special thanks to Ryan English (Baker Group), Scott Adams (JM Brennan), and Ted Christiansen (CSE), who joined forces with the R.W. LaPine team to exchange valuable insights and innovative approaches to service.

This visit underscored the power of our peer group to foster learning and mutual support among members. By sharing best practices and real-world solutions, we help each other enhance service quality and customer satisfaction across our operations.

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