Synergy is excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with DST (Discovery Sound Technology). Members can learn more about the partnership here –

About DST:
DST’s mission is to deliver technology solutions that transform predictive & planned maintenance by offering patented technology that redefines how ultrasound is gathered and utilized.  Their easy to use, self-calibrating ultrasound diagnostic system empowers technicians with real-time information to predict equipment failure, extend equipment life and lower total costs.  DST’s technology is complementary to any planned maintenance program to validate equipment in good health or reveal problems that are undetectable with other methods.  Their mobile software, DSTAPP provides customizable tasking sheets with the ability to add visual documentation (photos & videos) into one comprehensive inspection report.

DST’s patented ultrasound diagnostic platform can be used on mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.  In addition to diagnosing equipment health, DST is exceptional at leak detection and identifying electrical issues before they become expensive problems.

Here is a link to an overview video on DST –  Introducing DST

Click here to view their digital brochures and product guide – DST Brochures and Product Guide

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