Synergy Success Story | 2022 Construction Forum
We followed up with the members who attended our 2022 Construction Forum last July to see if they accomplished the goals they wrote down on their action plans.

At the meeting in Milwaukee members got the opportunity to tour JM Brennan’s fab shop. Justin Hudson (Interstate Mechanical) was inspired to implement some of the things he saw in Interstate’s fab shop. “We reorganized all of our consumables in the shop in order to make them more accessible with open bins and visual labels,” said Justin. “We also have made both shops a bit more tech friendly with iPads and large screens in work stations.”

Justin also was able to utilize some of the strategies shared by Steve Thomas during his Leadership Workshop to better connect with a co-worker. “We have developed a pretty good working relationship just from me being a little more attentive and open with them about job tasks,” he said. “We have connected outside of work as well in common interests. I appreciate the construction forum and sharing with other contractors. It really did open my eyes to what other successful professionals are implementing. I would love to attend another construction forum if the opportunity arises.”

One of Mark Denlinger’s (MSD) takeaways from the Milwaukee meeting was to bring in field person into their VDC department. Since last year’s meeting Mark says they were able to bring in one of their plumbers which has been one of the best things they’e done.  “Bringing someone in from the field has proven to us that using experienced field people is the way that we want to fill the positions in our VDC department going forward,” said Mark. “We really appreciate the conference that we had in Milwaukee and the ideas that we got from being there and walking JM Brennan’s shop.”

After attending the 2022 Construction Forum Corey Walton (Archer Mechanical) wanted to implement a better process for tracking and documenting job steps. Since the forum he started two new projects and wanted to try tracking the steps as we discussed at the Synergy meeting. “I have seen a huge improvement in how our projects are starting out and the stress level is a lot more manageable,” said Corey.

Jeremiah Bailey (Archer Mechanical) wanted to meet with his management and leadership teams to identify timelines that need documentation. He wanted to learn, improve, and clarify QC expectations for Archer. Since returning back home, he’s had the opportunity to meet with team members to discus the implementation of specific QC / Commissioning timelines that are tied to major milestones of their projects. “We have focused much of our time on implementing ‘Productivity Tracking’ which was another take away from the conference,” said Jeremiah.  “We have been able to start using this new process and have seen some great success already.”

Did you accomplish what you’d hoped when you left the meeting?  If not, how can we help you?
If you completed your action plan, congratulations! Email Julie with your success story.
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