We followed up with the members who attended our 2022 Service Coordinator and Dispatch Forum in March to see if they accomplished the goals they wrote down on their action plans. At the meeting in Houston we spent some time talking about how to recharge our batteries which resonated with many of our members, including Eddie Bryan (HMC). He shared that in addition to working on communication with the team, he’s also spending time doing woodworking and coaching volleyball to help keep his stress level down.

“My stress level is still elevated but a lot better than it was,” said Eddie. “I do not feel like I am stressing out so much on the little or not-so-little stuff.  The teamwork is much better across all areas.  Communication has been and will continue to be an issue, but it is better as well. Thank you for the follow up it has really helped me reflect on the great time I had at the conference and what has transpired since then.”

At the Houston meeting, we also talked about creating healthy boundaries and the importance of unplugging when you’re not at work. Mary Klockner (Atomatic) shared some of the positive changes that she’s made since returning from the meeting.

“I no longer read all emails on the breaks and weekends,” she said. “I send calls to voicemail when I am on lunch and in meetings, etc.”

Did you accomplish what you’d hoped when you left the meeting?  If not, how can we help you?  If you completed your action plan, congratulations! Email Julie at julie@synergysolutiongroup.com with your success story.



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