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We followed up with the members who attended our 2022 Executives Forum last November to see if they accomplished the goals they wrote down on their action plans. Check out these four success stories:
  1. Brett Ludwick (Pacific Rim Mechanical) – After getting back from the meeting in Charleston, Brett wanted to build a committee in their service group to meet monthly to discuss what’s working well as well as what’s not working. “We came back and started setting up meetings with different groupings of employees looking at all of our systems to determine what is working and not,” said Brett.  “This has been a great source of focus for us and starting to see some productive change through the process.  These meetings have forced us to focus on individual areas which were getting overlooked prior.”
  2. Kevin Almon (Vital Mechanical Service) – Kevin had wanted to start a summer employment rewards program after hearing Brian Hughes’ best idea that was shared the Executives Forum. “We implemented a summer employment rewards program that started at the end of May,” said Kevin.
  3. Ted Chrstiansen (CSE) – Ted’s goal from the Executives Forum was to realign their PM accounts to fully utilize their technicians. “It was successful,” said Ted.  “Fortunately I was  able to delegate most of it but the new re-alignment has made it much better for our Dispatcher to assign the Spring PMs and schedule further in advance than we ever have.  We look forward to getting our PMs done efficiently and on time.”
  4. Stacey Richardson (Five Star Mechanical) – Stacey’s takeaway was to develop a matrix to determine sales to tech ratio for service and controls. “We are about 75% done with the matrix but things shifted a bit when we decided at the end of the year that we needed a better bonus structure for our managers,” said Stacey. “We did get most of it calculated though as it is playing into helping the managers calculate the bonus share for their PM’s and Supers, so it is in progress.”
Did you accomplish what you’d hoped when you left the meeting?  If not, how can we help you?
If you completed your action plan, congratulations! Email Julie with your success story.
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