It’s been over half a year since we were together in Charlotte at our 2022 Service Operations Forum. We wanted to share a great success story from Carlos Gonzalez (ISS Mechanical).
One of the focuses from the 2022 Service Operations Forum was recruiting and interviewing. Megan Brink (Prairie Mechanical) shared some of the unique questions that she uses in her interview process and even did a role practice at the meeting to show how she asks the questions. Carlos said that now during interviews he’s using some of those same questions and he’s spending more time listening to give potential candidates more time to talk and share.
Carlos shared with us that he’s also working on fine tuning ISS Mechanical’s apprentice program thanks to information shared at the January meeting. He said he got lots of ideas and direction from Clint Gleason (Storer Services) who shared their program at the meeting. After being in Charlotte, Carlos along with Kevin Eunice took a trip to visit Storer to dig in even deeper.
“We came back with lots of direction,” said Carlos.  “It was a unique experience that I hadn’t had before – another contractor letting us in and making us feel at home and not feeling threatened.”
Carlos said he was also on Synergy’s OneHub platform to R&D (or what we like to call Rob and Duplicate).
“There has been info that is very useful to help me have a starting point,” he said.
Did you accomplish what you’d hoped when you left the meeting?  If not, how can we help you?  If you completed your action plan, congratulations! Email Julie at with your success story.
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