Remember way back in September when we spent some time digging into prospecting as part of Synergy’s Virtual Sales Summit?  Before the craziness of summer hits, we want to get the team back together to reinforce what we learned.

Reconnect with your fellow Synergy Virtual Sales Summit attendees on April 8th from 1-2:30pm CST as we continue the discussion on prospecting.  You’ll spend the majority of your time in small group breakout sessions sharing your successes and challenges.  We’ll focus on:
  • Strategies to protect your golden hour
  • Creative and successful email and voicemail messages
  • Marketing materials and messaging
  • Prospect list development
This is a great opportunity to hear about the wins from other sales professionals in the industry.  You’ll also have the opportunity to bring a challenge to your breakout group so you can get feedback and strategies to help you succeed.
Click here to register by Thurs, March 25th:
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