A promotional image for Synergy Solution Group featuring an overhead view of a construction site meeting. In the image, workers in high-visibility vests and safety helmets are gathered around a set of plans on a table. The text “Safety Small Peer Group” overlays the image prominently in the center, suggesting the focus of the group on safety practices within the industry. The Synergy Solution Group logo is visible at the bottom right, indicating their initiative for creating focused peer group discussions on safety. The overall theme of the image emphasizes teamwork and safety management in a construction or industrial environment.
As part of Synergy’s ongoing efforts to create peer to peer connections at every level of our members’ organizations, we’re very excited to announce the launch of our Safety Peer Group.

What is a Safety Peer Group?

Our goal is to bring together the people who are involved in safety to share best practices and discuss challenges with their peers.  We’ll be utilizing Zoom to host calls where participants will determine the topics that are most important to them.  Synergy will provide all of the back end coordination, and the participants will decide on topics, frequency of calls, etc.  Synergy will make it easy for you to learn from and share with other safety professionals who don’t compete with you.

What kinds of topics will be discussed?

  • Going from a safety climate to a safety culture
  • Communication methods
  • Fleet management
  • Fall protection
  • Human performance
  • Others, to be determined by the group

How do I sign up for the Safety Peer Group?

Reach out to Julie Bishop and let her know that you’re interested!

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