Group picture of the attendees of Synergy's Building Your Company's Value Forum
Synergy recently hosted the much-anticipated “Building Your Company’s Value Forum” on August 10th at the Loews Hotel in Rosemont, IL. The event brought together 16 members from across the country.

Attendees got the chance to engage in fruitful discussions and gain practical insights to enhance their businesses. The highlight of the forum was the workshop by guest speaker Tom Garrity (Compass Point Consulting), a seasoned expert in growth and ownership transitions. Garrity shared eight crucial factors that drive business value, covering things like financial performance, growth potential, and balanced customer relationships.

Garrity also pointed out the key players every business owner should have on their side. These include a business attorney, M&A advisor, CPA, financial advisor, and business consultant. Having a solid team of experts can make a huge difference in navigating challenges and growing smartly, according to Garrity.

During the event, Synergy members discussed their own growth strategies. They talked about expanding services through maintenance, adding extra offerings like plumbing and controls, and even acquiring smaller service companies. Sharing these real-world experiences helped everyone see different paths to success and strengthened the sense of community among participants.

Synergy member Jeremy Goodland (Western Allied) summed up the event well: “The best part of the meeting was the people in the room. It was great to be with so many amazingly talented and brilliant business owners.” Goodland’s sentiment captures the essence of the 2023 Building Your Company’s Value Forum, which was all about learning from each other and growing together.

Check out the highlight reel from the session below:

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