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Synergy hosted a Sales Summit on April 26-29th in Chicago for 36 sales professionals from across the country. The two and a half day program focused on helping Synergy members improve their sales skills, sales tools, and sales connections to help close better opportunities.
1. Learning from the Legends:
During the session attendees had the opportunity to share ideas and strategies with their fellow peers as well as hear real-life experiences and advice from sales leaders who have spent their careers mentoring sales teams. “There is no substitute for the people in this meeting with years of experience,” said John Buckentin (Atomatic Mechanical Services). “The amount you can absorb by listening to stories and what they have overcome is unlike any experience I have had in this industry.”
2. The Heart, The Brain, The Pocketbook:
The group spent a lot of time talking about the importance of profiling the ideal client and how having a list of great questions can help you do that. Each small table developed a list of questions to get to the heart, the brain, and the pocketbook of a client to better understand their needs and pains. “Sometimes its very easy to get caught up in the excitement of selling,” said Steven Day (Hawks and Company). “This discussion helped show the importance of slowing down and looking at the prospect.”
3. Synergy Showdowns: Estimating and CRM Programs, Marketing Ideas:
Attendees had the opportunity to not only talk, but see what other members are using for estimating and CRM during multiple Synergy Showdowns. During the Showdowns two to three members show what programs and tools they use, talk about how and why they use them, and answer any questions from other members. “The marketing ideas were something I will roundtable with my company and implement something as soon as possible,” said Marc DeLong (Yearout).
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