We asked Jason Ward with Interstate Mechanical Service to share the different ways he uses Synergy’s online platform, OneHub. Here’s what he said:

Comparing Meeting Notes

I use OneHub to compare the notes I take at the in-person meetings to Kathy’s notes to make sure I get the most out of the meeting.

Past Meeting Documents

I am always going to past meetings folders and looking at the document that have been uploaded from the meeting or looking at the ones that people sent in after the meeting.

Job Descriptions and New Hire Packet

I have gotten a few job description from OneHub as well. IMS has grown in the last few years, and I wanted to put together a welcome packet for a new hire. I was talking with Cherice Greenway (Prairie Mechanical), and she told me that Prairie had a packet that they gave to every new hire and it was on OneHub, I then R&D (Synergy’s term for “rob and duplicate”) Prairie’s welcome packet.

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