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Trane will be hosting a webinar to walk Synergy members through ComfortSite and the 360 App.  Members will learn how to search the library, see what’s possible on the site, and learn how to access service facts.  Here are the dates and times for the webinar:
  • Mon, July 16th @ 4pm CST
  • Tues, July 17th @ 10am CST
  • Wed, July 18th @ 6am CST
To Sign Up For A Webinar
In order to participate in the webinar, please email Kathy at Kathy@synergysolutiongroup.com with the following information, as well as the date of the webinar you’ll attend.  We’ll need this information to get your employees signed up with the app in advance of the webinar.  All three webinars are the same, so you only need to participate in one.  Once we get your email, we’ll send you the dial in information and a meeting request for your calendar.
  1. Company name and address
  2. Comfortsite login id if your company has one
  3. Full name for each employee/technician you want to have access/login capabilities
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