We’re spotlighting the impactful collaboration happening within the Synergy’s Special Projects Peer Group.

Through connections with peers in the Special Projects Peer Group, Synergy members have gained practical wisdom and invaluable insights. Some of the things that they’ve learned this year include a rule of dedicating 1 hour of project management time for every 10 hours of field labor and numerical benchmarks for revenue-based project management, have proven instrumental for their organizational planning.

The knowledge-sharing atmosphere of Synergy’s small peer groups fosters practical collaboration, offering a unique platform to enhance your strategies, refine your approaches, and navigate industry complexities.

What is a Small Peer Group?

Our goal is to bring together the people who are involved in the a specific side of the business, whether that’s HR, marketing, special projects, etc. to share best practices and discuss challenges with their peers.  We utilize Zoom to host calls where participants will determine the topics that are most important to them.  Synergy provides all of the back end coordination, and the participants decide on topics, frequency of calls, etc.  Synergy make it easy for you to learn from and share with other like-minded peers who don’t compete with you.

What are the other peer groups?

  • HR
  • Marketing
  • BIM
  • Special Projects
  • Sales Management
  • Financial

How do I sign up for the Special Projects Peer Group or any of the other groups?

Send Julie an email to let her know you’re interested! And feel free to pass this along to others at your company who you think would benefit from these conversations.

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