The image shows a computer monitor displaying a webinar slide titled "Upcoming Refrigerant Regulation Changes." Below the title, the subtitle reads "What We Know So Far and What to Expect." The presenter's name is provided as Dan Clapper, Market Director, HVAC and Facilities Maintenance. The slide background is dark blue with the Synergy Solution Group logo displayed prominently in the lower right corner. The overall design is professional and straightforward, focusing on the topic of refrigerant regulations in the HVAC industry.
Synergy hosted a webinar with our partners at Interplay Learning on April 16th all about the upcoming changes to refrigerant regulations. Led by Dan Clapper from Interplay, the session provided insights for HVAC/R businesses to stay ahead of this evolving landscape.

Some of the key topics Dan covered included:

  • Understanding refrigerant classifications (A1, A2, A3) and the safety considerations for each
  • Importance of proper refrigerant handling, storage, and transportation procedures
  • Upcoming EPA certification requirements for technicians
  • Integration of 2L refrigerants and left-handed thread adapters

Interplay is actively preparing its training offerings to help companies and technicians upskill and stay compliant with these regulatory changes. As a Synergy partner, they are a valuable resource for online and VR-based training solutions. A recording of the webinar is now available on our OneHub platform for those who missed it.

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