The image is a celebratory announcement graphic that includes a group photo and text. In the photo, a group of smiling people are gathered inside a dining area, standing closely together, suggesting a friendly and united team. They are dressed in business casual attire, indicating a professional setting. To the right of the image, there's a large text box with a navy blue background and white lettering that reads "NEW MEMBER Warwick Mechanical Group Joins Synergy!" Below the text box is the URL "," suggesting where viewers can find more information about the partnership. The overall design conveys a warm welcome to the new member of the Synergy group.
We’re delighted to announce the newest Synergy member to our HVAC peer group with the addition of Warwick Mechanical Group, a leading provider of comprehensive HVAC services based in Newport News, Virginia.

Synergy’s recruitment process is a collaborative effort, with the support of Steve Stachorek from Atomatic and Randy Greer from W.L. Gary, who graciously joined us for a site visit to Warwick’s impressive facilities.

We are excited about the innovative solutions that will emerge from welcoming Warwick Mechanical Group to our HVAC peer group. A heartfelt thank you to Steve and Randy for their invaluable contributions, and a warm welcome to Warwick Mechanical Group as we anticipate a future rich with shared success and industry-leading service.

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