Synergy Partner XOi Technologies recently hosted their first Leadership Roundtable call for our members. Read on to learn how the idea started, the purpose of the roundtables, and highlights from the call.

How did the idea for the roundtable come about?
XOi Technology is fortunate to have many partners in the Synergy Solution Group and we’ve continued to work together with these organizations to improve their business. We thought it would be beneficial to get everyone together to discuss how to elevate the customer experience, learn about the latest industry topics and trends, and discuss shared experiences and new features within the XOi platform.

What is the purpose of the roundtable?
The purpose of the roundtable is to learn from Synergy Solution Group partners through shared discussion. XOi is excited to host a routine meeting with multiple members in the room and share the latest updates and resources for our application.
How will Synergy members benefit through participation in the calls?

Synergy members will get to discuss pain points and priorities for their business, learn how other Synergy members are utilizing XOi, and hear about the latest updates coming soon within XOi.

Share some highlights from the first call:

  • MEP is Changing – Learn How XOi Empowers Each Tech on the Job
  • XOi Customer Marketplace – Provides Marketing Resources for Your Brand
  • XOi Product Updates – Knowledge Base Collections and Group Sharing

What the members thought:

“Our sales team has been using this product now as a lead-in to get their feet in the doors. We had a guy that turned us down a while back. When we showed him the live videos that we have done for others, he was super impressed, and that was pretty much the icing on the cake for him to sign up”.  – Chris Abell, Mechanical Systems of Dayton 


For information on participating in the next Leadership Roundtable discussion, please contact Kathy Gausselin.

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