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The 2023 Executives Forum was a great opportunity for Synergy members to get together to talk about innovation and how they will integrate modern strategies and technologies into their businesses. The resulting success stories are a testament to the value of continued learning and adaptability in leadership.

Don Letendre (Phoenix):

Don set out to introduce the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to Phoenix Air Conditioning, Inc. Since then, the company has begun integrating EOS principles, recognizing that such transformations are a journey, not a sprint. With regular EOS business review meetings, Phoenix is laying the groundwork for structured growth and improved business operations.

Kevin Glynn (Hughes):

Kevin aimed to deepen the involvement of his team in leadership roles to foster organizational growth. With the promotion of two new field supervisors, a proactive approach to daily decision-making has been adopted. By dedicating a day each week to office work, these group leaders can focus on guiding their technicians, leading to improved communication and overall service department efficiency. As they adjust to less hands-on work, the team at Hughes is fostering an environment ripe for the growth of their techs, with an eye on enhanced training towards the year’s end.

Kyle Hatfield (IMCOR):

Kyle’s ambition was to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into service operations and explore collaborations with XOi for departmental efficiency. IMCOR has begun to employ AI to refine documents and enhance technician summaries, with further development on the horizon. While the adoption of XOi’s platform is planned for Q4 due to current software onboarding, the groundwork is laid for its integration. Additionally, IMCOR has onboarded dedicated PM sales staff to fuel growth and is developing new workflows that facilitate collaboration between departments, guaranteeing a cohesive approach to expansion.

Steve Stachorek (Atomatic):

Steve’s curiosity about AI led him to explore its potential within Atomatic. The company has since utilized AI to craft job descriptions and streamline XOi’s implementation, demonstrating the practical benefits of this technology. Steve’s newfound understanding of AI has sparked a sense of innovation within his team, opening up avenues for creative problem-solving and efficiency.

Don’t forget, the 2024 Executives Forum is set to take place in Amelia Island, FL Nov 6-10th. Registration is now open!

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