A collage of four photographs from the 2023 Executives Forum, presented by Synergy Solution Group. The images depict participants engaged in discussions and collaborative work sessions. Top left shows two men in conversation, one gesturing, with a woman in the background. Top right features three men around a table, one speaking and gesturing. Bottom left has two men deep in discussion, while the bottom right image shows a standing man addressing colleagues. A banner with text overlays the central part of the collage, reading "2023 EXECUTIVES FORUM Synergy Success Story!" and the website "synergysolutiongroup.com" at the bottom. The overall theme suggests a productive and interactive event.
At the 2023 Executives Forum members wrote down goals or things that they wanted to implement after the meeting. We followed up on the initiatives they’ve been working and have four more success stories to share!

Tony Rickards (Archer Mechanical):

Tony wanted to turn his focus on building trust and transparency within his service department. By integrating Synergy partner XOi, the company has improved how they communicate the value of their services to customers and streamlined payment processes. Tony also mentioned expanding his team by adding two account managers to better meet customer needs.

Neff Jenkins (Brooks):

Neff reported on strengthening his company’s relationship with Synergy partner C-Level Strategy to broaden their service capabilities. Through this Synergy partner, Brooks has managed to alleviate some of its administrative burdens by using C-Level Strategy for various HR-related tasks.

Randy Greer (W.L. Gary):

Randy shared that they’ve implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) that was talked about at the session. Randy says the adoption of EOS has begun with a structured ‘Focus Day’ and is set to include more comprehensive planning sessions aimed at improving management practices.

Nick Davis (MSD):

Nick focused on reinforcing company core values and optimizing client interactions as a result of his time with his fellow Synergy peers. He introduced the ‘MSD Core Value Living Document’ to recognize team members who actively embody these values. Furthermore, Nick has been fine-tuning their client selection process to focus more closely on those who meet their Ideal Qualified Profile, which aims to foster longer-term, beneficial relationships.

The owners and executives will be getting together again this year at Synergy’s 2024 Executives Forum in Amelia Island, FL on Nov 6-10th. Registration is now open!

Did you accomplish what you’d hoped when you left the meeting?  If not, how can we help you? If you completed your action plan, congratulations! Email Julie with your success story.

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